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AngryLittleAlchemist said:


Airaku said:

Hell yes that was the "IRON FREAKING GIANT"! :D

There was also Arkham Harley Quinn and Deathstroke, Freddy Kruger, Akira, The DeLorean, Duke Nukem, The Halo MA5D Assult Rifle, and that was potentially Mad Max's car that wipes out at the end.

Lol, the first time I saw the iron freaking giant I went down in the comments to write about it, so i missed the rest of the trailer! I didn't see Akira, The Delorean, or Duke Nukem on 2nd viewing, but I saw the Halo Assualt rifl,e and I think HQ Deathstroke and FK! 

The Delorean is the car that is seen throughout the trailer Akira is speculated to be that red motorcycle in the racing segment. Freddy Krugger and Duke Nukem show up in the scene mech Orc with the Halo Assault Rifle. He shoots Freddy first and the to the right of Freddy with a Grenade launcher is Duke Nukem. You may need to pause to see it.
SegataSanshiro said:
Everyone is hyped but no one has said what this movie even is..all I see is pop culture and too much CGI the movie.
It's based on a book that I've heard nothing but good things about. Basically the real world is dying and they are in an MMO. The creator died and set up an easter egg that needs to be found for a reward. People are competing for it.