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Pemalite said:
The Fury said:

True on the Spiderman stuff, I heard rumours Sony are planning a Venom movie not tied in with the Marvel side of things. The new deal Sony did to get Spiderman in the MCU was the best for all parties as it allows Sony to still keep the original contract and makes the films and it allows Marvel to actually do something with their character.

The X-men stuff is hard to bare as a fan boy. The whole thing is a mess. The contract means Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can appear in both, but the term mutants is tied to Fox so only they can use it. Meaning only they have movie rights to any mutant in the MU (Namor is under a separate deal). The introduction of Inhumans into the comics and MCU as a bigger power makes me think that Marvel no longer care about mutants because of the contract. Even at the end of Season 2 of SHIELD the Inhumans were talking like they were feared and persecuted (like mutants) yet no one even know who or what they were, it was a secret (beside the fact they aren't born Inhuman, they have to be chosen and go through the mists and it's all based on royality and social ties... an elitist society cannot have that kind of persecution).

Let's not forget the issues they have with the Fantastic Four side of things. No Doom ever in the MCU? Marvel cancelling FF comics?


... and it's not like people are even buying comics because of the films. Sales of comics are the same now as they were 10 years ago, lower even.... I'm going to stop, I'm getting bitter again.

Exactly. Haha!

One thing that would be awesome is if they brought some other franchises into the MCU, such as Blade - who can't be played by anyone other than Wesley Snipes in my opinion.
Plus Elektra who is played by Jennifer Garner, Daredevil... Who could have someone else replace Ben Affleck and of course Men In Black.

Marvel is massive, allot of people don't realise that Marvel films actually predate Iron Man. :P

Daredevil and Elektra are already in the MCU, theyre on Netflix.