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Namiirei said:

I voted for "never".

Xone is at 30 millions or something now, and will be at 45 millions (or close) near the end of 2019.
Switch will be at 13 millions after march 2018, you can double this number if you're optimist. It's still only 26 millions for march 2019.

I don't expect the switch to get a long life, 2021/2022 at best.

And unlike 3DS, nintendo can't really make tons of models with the nintendo switch, we will probably never get a swich XL, or a new switch.

Why would Switch not have a long life? 3DS is in its 7th year.

And there is nothing stopping Nintendo from making multiple models of Switch.

Bandorr said:
Surprised at the amount of "nevers".

I'm not. A lot of people don't like that the Switch is successful.

konnichiwa said:
curl-6 said:
Does anyone seriously think it won't outsell it in the end? Even with supply issues, Switch's first year is on track to be bigger than any year of Xbone by a significant margin. And this is just the beginning; once supply constraints are solved, and hardware revisions, price cuts, and Pokemon start to hit, the Switch will be a monster.

For me it is the same as saying (does anyone think it seriously will outsell it).  We simply can't know yet what the holiday sales will be for Xone/Switch Great sure but who wins what will the gap be? So how can we know what 18-20 will be?

The evidence thus far seems pretty strongly in favour of Switch winning; it's on track to have a bigger year than Xbone has ever had despite severe supply shortages, and it still has price cuts, revisions, and Pokemon ahead of it while Xbone has already played most of its cards.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.