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konnichiwa said:
StarDoor said:

Do you really expect the Switch to go from outselling the XOne 2-1 in the middle of the year to being behind in the holidays?

I am here 10 years and I saw threads as 'PS3/Xbox30 will not sell 50 million, Wii will outsell PS2 and Wiiu can outsell xone..(where wiiU was outselling xone for weeks etc) Considering the x + black friday is always good for xbox  I don't see why it is sure that during the holidays Switch will outsell the Xone. 

Cool. We've also seen threads like "PS4 will outsell PS2" and "Switch will sell less than Wii U." It doesn't override reality just because some people make crazy predictions.

The XOne has sold 2.04 million so far in 2017. The Switch has sold 2.2 million more than that in 2017, despite being on the market for two fewer months. All Nintendo has to do is ship enough units. If the Switch is selling 600k per month even at its most supply constrained, then there's no reason for it to be behind during the holidays. At worst, it'll match XOne sales.