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sethnintendo said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

 Its not anti-consumer to have improper safeguards. Not even the government has proper safeguards against hackers. Are the anti-security? They've dedicated billions of tax dollars into national security. Where there is something to crack there will always be hackers. Precaution doesnt mean the reason for caution wont prevail. Hackers are involved in  criminals to the extent are anti-consumer, because they are a threat to the consumer. The blame is being put in the wrong place.

Okay then lets talk about Sony Music DRM shit that would make PCs vulnerable in the early 2000s.  Is that anti consumer?

Of course. Thats actually anti-conusmer because Sony is actively inconveniencing the customers. This is very diffrent from having a less competent online service from Microsoft. Sony was never expected to be more competent than Microsoft. Sony is more competent than Microsoft when it comes to upholding traditional console elements.