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Lauster said:
Azzanation said:

Not disagreeing that it hasnt happen. However we arent talking about a common practice. 

Its like stealing cars. Doesnt matter how secure your car is, there are groups that will try to steal it. However making it a bitch to steal is where my point is.

Sony clearly underestimated this issue and had to learn the hard way. I am sure most companies have. In this day and age, if a company tries to do online and havnt thought about using beefed up security, than there are trust factors and inexpensive at play here.

You're either out of the real world or joking.

Government's data breaches are far more critical (OPM is one of the most significant data breach known at this time) and common than you think (try a search whith IRS, USIS or KeyPoint for the most recent).

To compare (and minimize) these attacks against the single big attack of the PSN (as unacceptable as it was, data was less sensitive) is quite inappropriate.

Goverment hacks happen, i am not disagreeing with that. However being hacked by many indepentent hacking groups on PSN is the issue here. Not some State of the Art military groups with trained Hackers trying to breach goverment secruities 24/7.

Sony wasnt Hacked by ISIS or IRS. If that was the case than we can forgive Sony. However Sony didnt do anything to boltster there network which was considered weak in the first place. They waited for something to happen and than solved the problem afterwards, hence the major court cases Sony had to go through with the PS3 era. Sony is held responsible for there customer accounts. Is it a shock to you that we havent heard PSN getting hacked lately? Could it be because they finialy did something about it like Xbox Live has been doing since its launch? Interesting.

Quote from Link *Last year, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office fined Sony £250,000 ($425,397) for the "serious breach of the Data Protection Act" due to the account information leak, and said it "could have been prevented."*