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StarOcean said:

It's a shit handheld. Battery life is absolute garbage. That on top of it being a weak console and you got yourself a system that can do a lot but nothing particularly well. Im a handheld enthusiast. But I cannot recommend something that can barely go further than the Wii U gamepad without a charge. 3-4hrs is fucking sad. The Switch is a decent idea but poorly executed. It'll continue to be a fucking pathetic excuse of a handheld until it can last at least 8hrs without a charge. As for the console part, there are better options. I have my PS4 and PC for games on my TV. I'd only use it as a handheld. But since it fails at even that, it really has no use until they fix the battery. And no, I won't buy a 3rd party battery to make it work the way it was intended. 

Name me those handhelds with over 8 hours of  screen-on battery while running games and I'll salute you. I even challenge you to include smartphones in this list for your convenience.