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RolStoppable said:
Alkibiádēs said:

You do realize the battery life is pretty similar to the 3DS right? Lol... The battery life ranges from 3 to 6 hours depending on the game. What handheld ever got at least 8 hours of playtime without a charge? That's completely unrealistic lmao. No Nintendo handheld ever had such a long battery life. 3-6  hours is plenty, I've taken the console with me plenty of times and I've never ran out of charge before I could plug it in somewhere. 

And the PS4 and PC don't play Switch games on your TV, so that point is moot as well. 

Your expectations are completely unrealistic. There's no way Nintendo could cram a battery strong enough into the Nintendo Switch, so that it would last 8 hours... The thing would have to be incredibly big to fit a battery that powerful. 

Weak console? Have you even played any Switch games yet? I doubt it. 

You are basically StarOcean's evil counterpart. Mind you, Star Ocean is evil as well.

All Nintendo handhelds prior to the 3DS had battery life of at least eight hours.

I had a Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, I don't remember the battery life being that long... That said, having to constantly buy batteries was the worst thing ever, so I'll gladly take a smaller battery life for something I can charge with a charger. I just wished the Switch charger was longer, so I could play it comfortably on the couch while it's charging. 

The fact that I can't remember the battery life of the Gameboy makes it all the more irrelevant to me. Who plays for 8 hours straight anyway?

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