Pemalite said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

 Its not anti-consumer to have improper safeguards.

It is Anti-Consumer when it is blatant neglect and disregard for it's consumers and their information.

Sony's incompetence with it's security at that time was extremely stupid. Thankfully they have rectified it, but it was a *massive* lesson that was taught to the entire industry.
I will not accept excuses. That would be silly.

I get it... you can't answer my questions, repeat the same mantra tirelessly, and it seems you see excuses from someone for this hack when there is not.

Well, have a good day, and keep up your crusade sir.


Azzanation said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

 Its not anti-consumer to have improper safeguards. Not even the government has proper safeguards against hackers. Are the anti-security? They've dedicated billions of tax dollars into national security. Where there is something to crack there will always be hackers. Precaution doesnt mean the reason for caution wont prevail. Hackers are involved in  criminals to the extent are anti-consumer, because they are a threat to the consumer. The blame is being put in the wrong place.

You dont understand the concept here. It was Sonys responsibility to safeguard customers info. They had the options to do so yet never took them. Xbox and Nintendo seem to have done a good job safeguarding info..why couldnt Sony? It took a major mistake for them to finially fix it. How many times has Sony been hacked now? Not many. They didn't want to spend the time and resources on something they believed wasnt important enough.

How many times have you heard that the Government systems have been hacked and lost heaps of customer details? I cant recall many.

The concept here is called Client Data Security Fault, it can be punished by law but is not related to anti-consumer practises.

By the way,

Microsoft (& others) :

Nintendo (pretty good, but not perfect everywhere) :

Government (you can't have missed this) :