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d21lewis said:

I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. I'm a DC fan more than Marvel (though I like both) and I actually was saddened by the fact that this movie has so much personality and heart. I'm spoiled. I just don't see DC competing with this. I left the theater so happy!


Anyway, my complaint: Donald Glover.


First off, his acting was bad. Secondly, his inclusion was sloppy. He's a guy who obviously doesn't have any money yet he's meeting with top secret arms dealers. Somehow he has connections, I guess. But when he meets with these guys, he doesn't want their super alien weapons. He just wants a regular gun to rob people. Great guy.


Then he tells Spider-Man "I don't want that stuff in my neighborhood". Wtf!?! Just because you only use regular guns doesn't mean you're suddenly a good guy. Hell, he should have been the one calling the  FBI!

Its because his character is the Prowler, and this incarnation seems to be a bit like a toned-down punisher (or thats how I saw it).

My gripe was the post credits scence, although the fourth wall breaking dig at the audience was kinda funny.