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Nintendo has BotW at 2.76 as of March 31st, VGC had it at 2.07 as of April 2nd. Right now, it's at 2.91 as of May 27th. That's an additional 840k of sales. Add that to Nintendo's number of 2.74, that would put it at 3.60, not counting whatever digital sales it accumulated within that time.
Let's say, hypothetically, that those 690k sales between Nintendo's 2.76 and our 2.07 are all digital (I highly doubt it, but let's go with it), that's 75% of its sales that would be physical. Let's say this game maintains that mark. Let's take this 2.91 mark we have no, divide it by 75%. That puts it at 3.88 million.
So as of May 27th, 2017, combing physical + digital, Nintendo + VGC, that puts The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild somewhere between 3.60 - 3.88 million copies, sooo close to 4 million.
Nintendo's next press release, can't come soon enough!