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I just played a couple of online matches in Ultra Street Fighter II and something noteworthy happenend. When I won against an opponent he instantly quit the connection and refused to play the other two matches.  For those who aren't familiar with it: USFII lets you play up to three times against the same opponent if both players agree before every match. Now this time I encountered three players in a row who would leave the fight after I won the first round. One time I got reconnected to the exact same guy instantly, and guess what? He dislogged completely so he didn't have to fight against me one more time. Another one even won match one, but when I won match two he left.

It wasn't even all that bad for him, I may have won but it was close actually. Well, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I wonder why this happens. Are they so entitled that they run as far away as possible the minute they get their asses kicked so they don't have to be ashamed? Do they need this so they can still look in the mirror or what? Are they just whiny? And how much salt is necessary for such a behavior?

Has somethin like this happened to you, too? And the more important question is: Are YOU one of those people? Tell us why.

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