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This is extreamly tough to say. There are a massive amount of variables, based on how the market reacts, and what Sony ends up doing.

As I said yesterday in the predict PS4 future sales thread, I see three likely possabilities going forward.

1) PS4 and PS4 Pro are the only two PS4 models Sony makes. PS5 arrives in 2019.

2) A PS4 Premium is added to the stable in 2018, along side a PS4 Super Slim and PS4 Pro Slim. PS5 Launches in 2020.

3) PS4 Premium + PS4 Super Slim + PS4 Pro Slim 2018, PS4 Latpot/Tablet & PS4 Portable/Phone 2019, PS5 in 2020, PS4 Set Top Box 2021, PS4 Mobile line upgrades 2022, PS5 Pro and Slim 2023, PS5 goes mobile 2026.

All three have diferent peaks.

1) I would say 2018 is the peak, and we end up getting solid PS5 rumors by the end of the year which slows down PS4 sales in 2019.

2) I see the peak in 2019, with sales again slowing in 2020 with the PS5 looming.

3) I could see sales peak in 2023, with the rumors of PS5 Phone coming.

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