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Aeolus451 said:

Every article of any kind is an opinion piece in reality, sherlock holmes. 

Opinion pieces are typically labeled as such by reputable outlets.

They may have a statement below the by line that looks something like this: Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

They may be titled somethign catchy like, "7 Marketing Tips to Create A Demand For Your New Product". 

News articles look more like this:

It's a Wall Street Journal article about the industry wide increase in demand for components. 

It's got all sorts of great info. Nintendo's sales target (10 million, sourced from their annual report), what they're hoping to produce (20 million according to suppliers). There is a quote in their from Toshiba about the demand for NAND flash memory being greater than what they can supply.

There is even a nice little nugget there about how Nintendo used air cargo to ship Switches in March in order to restock faster. Shipping things via air is a lot more expensive than shipping them via sea. It seems like spending more money to get more product into the market faster is kind of a silly thing to do if you're trying to restrict supply.