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Mnementh said:
Vor said:
It's just a dumb way to downplay someone's success. Tbh I didn't see any benefit for the company with creating artificial shortage, well apart from fooling customer that their product is a hot item. But it still hurt their image and reduce their revenue so it's a huge risk with little reward.

There is no way this is beneficial. There might be a slight increase in demand from people who think: my this is hot, I need it too. But for starters: a console never reaches the level of hotness like an iphone. The increased demand from a hot item is mostly because all your friends have it, not so much because you don't see it in stores. The downsides outweigh it massively. You lose the impulse buyers, you piss of customers who try to find it. On the forums somewhere someone told about a friend who set out getting a Switch and came back with a PS4 - to have at least something, you know.

Well I was being sarcastic in the hot item part

A handheld gamer only (for now).