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niceguygameplayer said:
I think it's likely. With their past, I could believe it. They could build up this strong desire to have what ppl can't have: a Switch. At least not at a decent price. Then around Christmas, they could release a huge ammount of them at record sales. Supply constraints because of competition with Apple may be a rumor spread by Nintendo themselves. I'm not saying that Nintendo is doing this, but I do feel that it is likely.

Also, I am aware that this site has (at least it seems this way to me) a majority of Nintendo fans, so I expect hate for my opinion, but you asked a question and I answered honestly.

Except the so-called rumor you're talking about isn't just coming out of thin air. Its being known worldwide about manufacturing parts and assembly lines being affected significantly and it'll be that way for probably the rest of the year.

Whether you believe this or not, this is something thats likely keeping Nintendo from producing more Switch units efficiently.