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sc94597 said:
Ljink96 said:

I chose galaxy because it was a huge Mario game on a platform with well over 50 million units under its belt at the time. And there's no way Splatoon is as highly regarded as a selling power house than Mario's 3D outings or even his 2D ones. If Mario 3D World was released on Switch with upgrades, I'd expect it to sell less. It's too similar to the previous game which to me at least, means lost interest for the sequel. I'd love to be wrong and I probably will be but this is what I think. Calling something a sequel and it looks like a 1:1 ratio with added content and same engine...that really doesn't rub me the right way. That would mean MK8 deluxe qualifies as a sequel which isn't true. This could go either way, there's no way to gauge if Splatoon will continue its momentum as a series. That's my prediction, don't throw stones at me just yet.

I think your comparision is a bad one becaues Super Mario Galaxy 2 released on the same platform as Super Mario galaxy. The sales potential of Super Mario Galaxy was probably already reached, and the only way to go was down. Since it was a single player game which didn't inovate, but rather just expanded the original, it makes sense that Super Mario Galaxy 2 failed to sell as much as Super Mario Galaxy. 

There are a few differences with Splatoon. 

1. The Wii U's userbase was small which limited Splatoon's sale potential. 

2. It is a multiplayer game, which means it doesn't have to break the theme and formula to sell spectacturaly (see: Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.) 

3. The Switch is different enough from the Wii U so that the experience will be different enough. Local multiplayer in Splatoon can be big, and I see this bolstering Japan's interest. 

4. Splatoon 2 is releasing early on in the Switch's life span, and has at the very least five years to bolster its sales. 

While I don't think it will sell 10 million, like curl-6 suspects, it will definitely sell more than Splatoon. 

I have other comparisons that fit the bill...there's plenty of them. Tons of games that have sequels that release on new hardware that sells less than the original. Just one game, to note Zelda: OoT and Zelda: Wind Waker. And there's games that go against that. So calling that type of comparison..bad is kinda biased. Both scenarios exist. The issue I have with Splatoon 2 and believing it'll sell past the original is that it does little to really cause me to say "wow" this is much better than the original, I have to have it" For me, I don't have that lust for Splatoon 2. There's not enough difference to make me want to get a sequel. And again, that's just me. Shooters, that's where they make their bread n' butter. Making something that works and something addictive that people will want to come back to no matter how similar the sequel is. That is a very common phenomenon, Call of Duty just to name one. I'd love to see it surpass the original, that's more cash in Nintendo's pocket and it's healthy for the entire gaming industry. There's just too many variables at this point to come up with an good conclusion. I'd have to see FW combined sales but that takes the wind out of prediction all together doesn't it?