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So I was thinking about when the next Mario Kart might happen, and it occured to me that it's highly possible it could be a very long ways out. MK8D is pretty much the perfect Mario Kart game and it really makes no sense to release another one on Switch. It would be a big waste of dev time and resources since they can just keep adding new tracks and DLC to 8D throughout the Switch's lifetime to keep it somewhat fresh. I'm also assuming we won't get a 3DS successor since Switch is hybrid, so MK9 won't show up on a handheld. Switch should have at least a 5 year life cycle, maybe 6 if it's nearly on par with Wii's success. So that puts its successor out in 2022-2023. Mario Kart games have never been launch window releases, excluding MK8D since it was a port, so MK9 probably wouldn't show up until 12-24 months in the systems life span. So that puts the release around 2023-2025, a full decade or more after MK8. Another prediction tied into this is that Nintendo will indeed resurrect F-Zero on the Switch - maybe sometime around 2019-2020 - in order to have a racer to fill the long gap between MK releases.