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Zod95 said:
RolStoppable said:

But what zorg said is true. The margin by which Switch is beating Wii U launch-aligned is growing at a rapid rate with each passing day. Three months after launch the Wii U was selling about 40k units per week. Switch is comfortably doing 160k units per week.


Switch isn't following the Wii U's pattern at all. Switch only needed three months to beat the Wii U's entire peak year performance.

I only see 9 weeks of HW data for NS. How do you see 3 months?

With NPD and MC data is not difficult to make estimates for the following weeks. 

SpokenTruth said:
Zod, are you aware they've already upped their production run to 18 million for the fiscal year?

I bet he is not.



We reap what we sow