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Zod95 said:
GoOnKid said:

Check your facts.

First 10 weeks:

Wii Sports: 3.7M

Wii Play: 1.2M

Wii Fit: 1.4M

Nintendo Land: 1.6M

1-2-Switch: 0.5M



Wii Sports: 82.5M

Wii Play: 28.9M

Wii Fit: 22.7M

Nintendo Land: 4.5M

1-2-Switch: ???


Do you know why Nintendo Land ended up selling just 3x more its initial 10 weeks while the others ended up selling 20x more? Because the others were a novelty and they took some time to educate the market. When Nintendo Land came the market was already educated. It turned out to be a flop, it didn't drive console's sales and Mario games ended up being the best selling WiiU games.

1-2-Switch is even worse. Not only it's selling very, very, VERY poorly (one third of Nintendo Land's horrible performance) but also it's not driving any console's sales. At least Nintendo Land was the best selling title at that time. 1-2-Switch is just another title, like Bomberman. Both will probably finish out of NS's top 10.

Bolded the games which had Bundles. Of course this pushed their numbers pretty high. What do you think Nintendoland would have sold without it's bundle? I doubt it could have beaten 1-2 Switch, heck, I don't think it would have reached 500k lifetime without the bundle, as not even casuals picked it up. Had they bundled 1-2 Switch, it would already be close to Nintendoland's total sales and would have easely outsold it 2-1 by now?

Which leaves us with 1-2 Switch and Wii Play, as they didn't got bundled with a console. But Wii Play came with a Wiimote for barely more than a Wiimote alone, so naturally many (including me) bought it for the Wiimote and enjoyed the fact that they had a partygame to play when everybody got drunk.

So all in all, a very unfair comparision, though I don't think you realised that before posting.