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Left 4 Dead is one of my all time favourite Zombie games ever made. The first game released in Nov 17 2008. To play 4 Players co-op or just with 3 NPCs and get flooded by fast moving zombies which you had to mow down fast required alot of team work. The objective was to get from Point A to Point B Safehouses. It was a kids dream game on release and it also inspired many other 4 player co-op games and i believe it was one of the first games to offer different zombie types like the Smoker, Hunter, Tank, Witch, Boomer etc. To add this game is brutal on Expert Diffculty.

Incase many of you dont know this..

Left 4 Dead 2 released on the 360 in Nov 17 2009. In some regions the game was butchered to allow it to get though the rating systems. Where i am from Left 4 Dead 2 was banned due to its (Laughable) violence and Valve had to turn off alot of aspects for the game to reduce its rating to a MA15+ instead of the R18 which the game was built for. EG - Bodies now disappear, Blood Splatter has been reduced heavily, No Guts etc. For a game with Melee weapons turning off Guts was a big blow for the enjoyment. (Maybe i am crazy)

I ignored the game on consoles due to this reason plus i just prefer Valve games on PC. Even the Steam version had only the MA15+ version in my region and the only way to play the R18 version was to do a region change and buy the game from a country that offered the uncensored game. I did that and i absolutely loved it.

Recently i wanted to replay Left 4 Dead 2 with my friend who doesnt own a PC. He had the 360 version. Unfortantly i couldnt buy Left 4 Dead 2 in the XB1 Store unless i own the game on Disk. So i had to unpack my 360, jump on the 360 Store, purchase the game. While i had the 360 out i played 1 chapter with my friend and i completely forgot how much difference a game can be when its censored. I still had a blast like i do with all Valve games, they tend to hold up really well. The next day i unplugged my 360 due to room constraints. (Thank you Backwards compatibility, dont ever leave me again)

I downloaded the game on my XB1 and continued with my friend. He remained on his 360 while i used my XB1. I started out with Melee weapons and run into a bunch of Zombies.. BAM alittle blood splatter on my screen... i knew it was alittle wierd but i continued. I wasnt paying attention to the Zombies that remained on the floor after butchering them.. My friend picked up a grenade Launcher and blasted a Zombie from afar. What i saw was incredible... I saw the Zombie flying in the air and spilling out of him was his intestines... I stopped and said to my mate.. "Did you just see those intestines spill all over the place?" he said no he didnt.. than i sussed it out even more and stood over a mountain of Zombie corpues that i just slaughter and asked "Can you see this pile of Corpes im standing on?" he replied with another No..  I was amazed, the XB1 version of L4D2 is the unsencored version of the game!

Aslong as you own the 360 version Digitally or Pyshically and a XB1 console, you can now play L4D2 uncensored if your region had the stupid censor system. Its ok to play COD and murder a bunch of living people however violence agasint Zombies is a no. 


*Be nice if Valve annouced a L4D3 at this years E3*