VGPolyglot said:
Soundwave said:

If Jordan is not in your top 5 you're blind or biased beyond belief. That's like a hockey player saying Wayne Gretzky is not top 5, it's ridiculous, and you're wrong on several of those, Magic and Bird have said Jordan is the best. Even Isiah Thomas who has every reason to hate Jordan for being left off the 92 Dream Team, lol, has varied between Jordan is the Best to Jordan is top 3. 

Actually, there are a lot that try to come up with excuses, saying how Gretzky was lucky that he wasn't playing in today's NHL

Anyone who doesn't have Gretzky is their top 5 is freaking ridiculous. Now if the arguement is Gretzky wouldn't score 2.0+ ppg in the modern NHL, ok fine, but Gretzky still played into the late 90s and was a near 100 point player even against the modern slower paced trap game and better goalies and that was like in his mid-30s, so way past his prime.