As I said, game 3 was the most important, and the Cavs threw it away by being careless and going scoreless for the last 3 minutes. My 117-109 was pretty close too, along with me predicting KD would close it out. Maybe I should hit Vegas and test my luck? :p

Anyways, I don't see this game being a turning point for the Cavs. Their defense is simply pathetic, and it seems the experts' worries about it in the regular season were justified. With a 3-0 deficit and a Kevin Durant who is on another level, this may be the time for the Cavs' organization to reflect on their mistakes.

It's also time for many of the players to change. It's pathetic how Tristen Thompson has 13 rebounds the entire series, and yet Curry had 13 in game 3 alone. This man is being paid $80 million, and yet he simply disappear offensively and defensively?

This team is highly flawed. They have an aging LeBron, Jefferson is gonna retire, and Korver/Smith/others aren't getting any younger. Kyrie and Love are still bad on defense, and Thompson disappears when it matters most. What is the future for this team? Instead of being patient like the Warriors, they slapped on a bunch of contracts and tried to make it work.

Final score prediction: 127-112, Warriors win for the sweep
Finals MVP: Javale McGee