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So, Thursday my girlfriend and I decided to go to see Wonder Woman as we are both pretty big DC Universe fans. I'm more a Batman fan, and my girlfriend Superman (well really Smallville, CWverse) fan, but seeing the previews we were kind of excited. The only thing in the way of being really excited was seeing BvS and Suicide Squad (we are actually both fans of Man Of Steel despite its flaws). 

Now don't get me wrong, I found BvS and Suicide Squad both to have numerous moments I found myself enjoying quite a bit. The actual voice modulator in BvS as well as Jeremy Irons as Alfred, to the mixed martial arts freeform, and hell, the batmobile decimating the town was all fun. As far as Suicide Squad Margot Robbie being hot, as well as her charisma and let's face it one of the best Will Smith performances in a long time. A kick ass soundtrack that really put 21 Pilots in the mainstream all great things. 

Unfortunately BvS had one of the absolute worst performances in the incoherrent motivations of iconic villain Lex Luthor. The actual fighting of Batman and Superman last all of 10 minutes, had 0 build up and a payoff most people loathed. The shoehorning of Doomsday and Death of Superman arch that really felt disjointed from the rest of the film are also what keeps that film from really elevating itself. Suicide Squad also has glaring faults such as weak establishments of why the Suicide Squad were bad people, and had the pacing and narative structure of a Rob Zombie movie (shudders). Not to mention heavy advertisement of the Joker only to have Jared Leto pretty much cut out of the film. And if you pay attention to the film you can see how they pretty much chopped and screwed what they did keep to make sure 5 to 10 songs could fit between each scene. Not to mention a trator as the main villain for the very first film.... It holds no weight if we only just met the characters (and the hip dance magic looked ridiculous). To put it simply, they were both fine, but very appearently not up to par with their animated/tv counterparts.

Wonder Woman though, holy cow I was honestly surprised how good it was. From a storyline point of view, you could say it doesn't really break any ground, and you'd be right though it does carry weight and a good message for all superhero movies is there to be had. On a level of execution though, they knocked it out of the park! I won't get into any spoilers as the movie just came out, but Chris Pine and Gal Gadot play really well off each other. Better than Margot and Will and I thought they had some pretty amazing on screen chemistry. The action scenes, holy cow, dead serious some of the best you will see to date, and there is PLENTY of action. The script is very well written without a single eye rolling, embarresing line of dialogue I can remember (looking at you Lex from BvS). The scenes are usually fairly well lit, and there's even some color.... like really, holy shit! It's feminist, and yet everyone in the movie is useful aka men are not bumbling idiots (looking at you Ghostbusters). It is basically equally respectful to both sexes. It also put to bed my fears of Paradise Island looking cheesy (it's hard to pull of a Greek inspired city that looks good), but they done it in Wonder Woman. I basically can give it the highest praise I can give any Superhero movie ever, I left wanting to know more, and look forward to seeing more. 

If you have any reservations of seeing this movie at all, put them aside and see this film. You may just get excited about the future of the DCEU!