Bofferbrauer said:
Shikamo said:

May 19 to May 25 and the chart is from the proper Switch Eshop Best Sellers Ranking, i thinks is only USA Eshop.

If it's like on Wii U, then every country has it's own charts on the eShop

Yes, every major region (NA/EU/JP) has their own charts. You can just make a new profile on Switch and tether it to another regions eshop and check them out that way.

Also Mbolibombo posted the EU ones:

Mbolibombo said:
EU: (last two weeks)

1. Minecraft
2. MK8DX
3. Thumper
4. NBA Playgrounds
5. Snipperclipps
6. Kamiko
7. Shovel Knight
8. Zelda
9. Wonderboy
10. Snakepass
11. Fast RMX
12. Rudymical
13. Puyo Puyo Tetris
14. 1-2 Switch
15. Tumbleseed