RolStoppable said:
Johnw1104 said:

These comparisons with the PS4 and Wii by both Nintendo itself and these threads keep bumming me out lol... I'm trying to enjoy the sudden burst of optimism for Nintendo's situation and everyone should be busy being grateful that they've had strong a start as they have, but instead of celebrating the very possibility of 10 million sold in a year we're instead setting historically high and nigh unreachable goals for it. It keeps forcing me to take the other side, and I don't like that lol (I understand speculation is a lot of fun though, so I'm not suggesting we should stop or anything... just wish I was on Nintendo's side in these more often :p)

The PS4 is an enormous hit; they'll be selling their old models for incredibly little throughout the year and continue to release big games for it. Obviously there's going to be more competition over the coming year with the Switch and Scorpio than its faced in an almost competition-free console environment for most of its existence (especially when compared with last gen, which was about as balanced as any in regards to console sales), but that's not very likely to slow down sales much.

I really don't see Nintendo matching that, even if you include 3DS sales. If they do, awesome, but I'd be thrilled so long as the Switch approaches 10 million.

So you are telling me that I should be grateful for a single piece of chocolate cake instead of celebrating that I was guaranteed as much chocolate cake as I can eat for the next few years.

Who guaranteed that? I'm not convinced your comparison makes sense lol

Otherwise, that sounds very bad for your health.