RolStoppable said:
This is a case of blind admiration for Sony.

Nintendo had good marketing campaigns before the PS4 (remember "Wii would like to play"?), so it's not like Nintendo had to look at what Sony was doing.

Games-wise, Nintendo isn't really doing anything different than what they've done since forever. The one major difference is the timing of the releases. Compare what Nintendo is releasing in year 1 for Switch to what Sony released in year 1 for the PS4 and you should realize that Nintendo is not following Sony at all. All Nintendo is doing is proper execution of what they have had since a long time.

Lastly, it isn't hard to say whether Switch will be a success or failure. It was clear since the presentation on January 12th that Switch was going to be a hit. One only needed to properly analyze the system and its games, and the only reasonable conclusion was success.

Is it, sony slaughterd nintendo in competition 3/4 times.  Twice is was a embarrsing shit kicking fashion.

Only natural that even they would eventulaly learn something.