pokoko said:
Nautilus said:

If you disagree with my opinion, thats totally fine.Most people here seems to disagree with me, or at least dont agree fully with it.Having said that, I am legitimate with my opinion.I wrote this because thats what I think and was not some feeble attempt to get under anyones sking.If you disagree with me, please state so then and if possible, explain why.But dont go on accusing me of trolling or flaiming.If you so wish, look through my post history to see that Im not trying to get anyone upset with this.Otherwise, I ask you nicely to refrain from posting in this thread if you have nothing worthwhile to write.

Where, exactly, did I accuse you of trolling or flaming?  I made a joke about how a thread suggesting the console makers learn from each other would send people rushing to the battlelines.  

Edit:The you on the gif is me, by the way, so there is no more confusion lol

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.