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Barkley said:

Doesn't matter if they launched on Switch or not. Nintendo has backed themselves into a corner, they'll never be relevant for these 3rd Party titles. Even if they launched on the thing it wouldn't help them significantly.

Nintendo can't capture the CoD, Assassin's Creed, RDR, Battlefront, Destiny, Battlefield, Mass Effect crowd and they can't capture the revenue that comes from that. The majority of the fanbases for those crowds would never play them on a Nintendo device.

They have to rely almost completely on first party, which hopefully now they can focus on one device, they can deliver to an incredible degree.

In this case I think they would, Switch is a slick device, don't get it twisted, most people buying it are adults and it has been positively received by the hardcore gaming community more or less I would say. 

Being able to play fairly high end 3D games anywhere is an appealling core feature. 

The issue is it's hard to port these games likely without major sacrifices having to be made, particularily to run in portable mode. 

There are other games that are doable, but Star Wars in particular I think would be tough.