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Looking through the frontpage at the moment it is easy to find multiple threads, whose only purpose it is to bait people, be they about the Scorpio and how it's going to be 5.9 million times more powerful than the PS4 Pro or the Switch and how it's going to force the PS4 out of Japan and make Sony lose billions of dollars by single handedly making everyone abandon the PSN. The thing is none of you guys have any reason to get yourself baited, after all your mental facilities should be completely focused on one thing alone and that is this beauty releasing in two days:

So just lean back, calm down and start counting the hours until you're holding this masterpiece of a JRPG in your hands instead of getting agitated over silly internet arguments. Maybe play Nier Automata to pass the time, seriously, the game is amazing.

Love, Nebel

PS.: For some reason my account has been unbanned, so maybe the mods would like to do something about that.