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NoCtiS_NoX said:
Final-Fan said:
Since I am officially giving up on waiting for Blade: Noctis, you asked Linkz why he believed you were innocent after you made that post. Have you come up with any ideas as to why he might have said that? I'm pretty sure TOS and I are on the same page.

Before I can answer that.. What do you think first. 
Also, I need to hear from you trucks as well. 
I already guessed why he thinks it. I was just waiting for his response back then but the day ended.

What the hell, it's not like there's any real strategy going on in this game. I might as well spill it out. The only thing I got for this game was a link to the game thread and nothing else. I saw your comment as you getting the exact same thing and being weirded out by it.

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