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NoCtiS_NoX said:
Final-Fan said:
I think I wish Linkz wasn't dead. Even if he thought I was Hitler.

I'm honestly tempted to continue lynching the worst of the lurkers. Which is to say, Blade in this case. I hate them so much. But I would actually assign a higher probability to you (Noctis) being Hitler than Blade ... just a feeling. TOS>Noctis>Blade. We'll see how that opinion evolves when/if he actually shows up.

I've been less active partially because I was busy IRL, but also because I agreed with TOS and was waiting for Blade to show his lurker face.

In regards with this. We are in MYLO.
I want to flush out blade so e can have the numbers. It seems that he realy is inactive.


It's either you or TOS. 

By I am more inclined that that it is you.  One things is that if Blade is inactive then the kill came from you either of you.

You're actually right there! BladeSymphony hasn't logged in in 5 days so he wasn't around to pick a Night kill target. That doesn't look good for  Final-Fan.

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