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RolStoppable said:
Vertigo-X said:

I'd like to note: While this is the current and recent future situation, that is not to say that Sony will stay out of the handheld business forever more. One of the principal weaknesses to Sony's handheld strategies from PSP to the Vita was the use of expensive, proprietary memory cards. If they designed a successor for Vita to be more accessible (internal storage and standard expandable storage, for example) and bundle it with a stream box connected to the TV, they could have a legitimate competitor to Switch.

Looking forward to getting my hands on Switch at launch!

And what games would Sony have?

The games that the Vita has? It's fun to rail on the vita since the games are niche, but it still gets more games released in the West than the 3DS for the past several years.

and really, the idea of Sony getting back into the handheld market seems silly. Not going to happen.

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