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pray4mojo said:
Lauster said:

It is nevertheless what I do thanks to my Vita connected to my phone...

But Nintendo has others pros although they are not the only one to be creative and taking risks.

Does every single game on PS4 work on Vita? Can you set your Vita on a table, detach each side of the handheld and give it to your friends so you guys can play multiplayer? 

Only Switch can do what it's doing. 

No need to be on a defensive stance, I was just talking about the portability from your previous message and show that you were wrong on this. This is not impossible on PS4, and to my knowledge every game works with the remote play except those where PS Eye is required (maybe 1 or 2 games only). I concede that the method of portability of the Switch is easier because you don't need a second device, it's a handheld.

I even said But Nintendo has others pros.

I agree, only Switch can do what it's doing, like only X console can do what it's doing. As simple as that.