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Zkuq said:
StarOcean said:

Yeah. I could add that in. Can you explain exactly what happened and I'll add it in as some user testimony

Well, if you click multi-quote on multiple posts, then decide you don't want to quote both of them after all, it's not enough to go to rich text reply and erase the unwanted quotation because it'll still trigger the blue icon. You need to click the multi-quote button again before going to the rict text reply mode to actually remove the unwanted quote and prevent triggering the blue icon. It's not a hard thing after all, but it took me a while to find how to remove the unwanted quotation and at first glance, you'd think erasing the quotation from the post would be enough to prevent triggering the blue icon.

I suck at explaining. I really hope this was understandable.

I got you. It's happened to me a lot. There are times I just leave the thread, and end up with those quotes in a completely new thread. Then I have to go back and look for said post to unquote it... pretty annoying.

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