OdinHades said:
Nem said:

I have to utterly refute this notion.

What do you play? Hardware or games?


Because most of the exciting games nowadays are on the ps4 and xb1. So, i can't possibly understand how theres anything boring about that.

It's boring because consoles of today are basically PCs. But I already have a PC. So the consoles are collecting dust, I only play with them every once in a while when there's some exclusive title that I'm interested in.

I used the PS3 way more for multiplatform, because it still was a classic console at its heart. Get a game from the store, pop that sucker in and begin playing. Nowadays there are mandatory installs that take ages, updates are just as frequent as on PC and it all in all just feels so much like gaming on PC. Sony and Microsoft basically brought all the negatives from PC to the consoles until now. 

Of course that's just my personal opinion and you're free to disagree. But for me, the current consoles are the most boring ever. 

Well... i agree the Xbox is turning into that, but the PS4 still has tons of exclusives.