Soundwave said:
spemanig said:

That's not entirely fair.

If you're going to assign a negative connotation to it perhaps not, but technically he's not incorrect. Even in the Switch video Nintendo showed step by step that the Switch takes elements from every previous Nintendo system, and it is well portable. 

There's nothing really "new", but as such going portable was the right move because it's a fail-safe for Nintendo ... they know they can sell portable systems reasonably well. 

It's the best thing they could have done, the only way they could otherwise sell a console is to have a new feature like a Wiimote was for 2006, and Nintendo doesn't have that (if they did it would've been front and center and the whole system would be designed around it). 

they probably could've just cut the pretense that they are still making "consoles" and made a straight portable system. That probably would've been best