joora said:
potato_hamster said:

I didn't claim to speak on behalf of mankind, I was simply pointing out that many people have different gaming needs outside of what Alki sees as their own needs. As for your Nintendo argument, I just have two words for you: Wii U. Their experience and research really paid off there didn't it?


The word game is easy. I have a counter, and it has just one word: Wii. A massively underpowered console that beat everything else and made boatloads of profit in the process. From the same company. It's unbelievable. Two faces of innovation.

So we are wrong to question Nintendo's experience and research when they developed the Switch because they got it wrong with the N64, got it wrong with the gamecube, got it wrong with the Wii U, but got it right with the Wii. That's 3 consoles of 4 over a 20+ year period that missed the mark, but we should totally trust that Nintendo currently has its finger on the pulse of the gaming industry because they made the Wii. 12 years ago. Brilliant.