Soundwave said:
fatslob-:O said:

The US spends a total of at least around $11700 on average for each student! That's enough to fund a year in university but the kicker here is we're doing it for 12 years instead of 4 ... (If anything I think we need to cut school funding and focus on the academic essentials. That means gutting gyms, the humanities, the arts, maybe some other extracurriculars, social sciences, and remedial level classes.) 

The problem isn't funding, the problem is that the US has bad curriculum and low quality students. Emulating the model that east asians use is the best bet since it's their style is the most cost efficient and it produces results. 

There's lot's of affordable colleges in the US, kids need to stop fantasizing about getting into the Ivy Leagues or similar and you wouldn't have to worry so much about debt if you picked the right field of study LOL ...

This is about money, plain and simple. There are people who see a big market in charging money for elementary to high school, why not, colleges make a fortune. 

Imagine how much money could be made for a select few if you gut public education so badly that "avearge Americans" feel like they have to pay for charter/private schools. Big, big, big money. 

And for the parents that can't afford private/charter schools -- too fucking bad for you.  Why suck people dry for education just when they're 18 when you can start to bleed them dry right from 1st grade. It's smart business actually. Completely unethical and morally gross of course, but smart business and typical dirty politics. 

But we could take a lot of money from public school, tell them to create a better curriculum that focuses on subjects that actually matter like math and english, and potentially get better results. We keep pouring money into public education with no results.



Frankly, a lot of private schools cost significantly less than the 11K we spend to educate kids in public school. So if people could take that money to the school of their choice, great.

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