BraLoD said:
I just want to know if there are too many of those "chases" with the house residents, where fighting is pointless.
I know people are comparing it to RE3 with Nemesis, but that doesn't seem to be nearly the case, Nemesis was beatable at every single encounter, and successfully escaping would actually mean that and not keep on dragging it.

That's literally the only point of concern I have, and it's a big one (well, missing zombies is also a horrible thing, but there are some enemies to fight at least), and if we have to keep running until we reach a point where we can effectively deal with them down the road, as boss fights, that would take a major tool on my experience with the game, as I don't want to have to run and play hide and seek, if there is an enemy I want to either be able to deal with him or successfully escape him so I can securely explore the places I passed while running.


As far as I can remember I think there is only 1 (maybe 2 moments.) in the game where you must run/escape from some kind of enemy. Contrary to what some might think I found that you could deal a significant amount of damage to your "Nemesis-like" pursuers in the other instances and not have to deal with them until a specified time later in the future.

If your a fan of the old games, particularly Re1 through 3 and Code Veronica, I think you might enjoy your time with it.