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Intrinsic said:
Its probably gonna do around 1M on the XB1 when its all said and done. Don't see why anyone should turn that down when you consider it probably didnt cost SE an arm and a leg to make the XB1 version.

For any other game that they are making though, its likely they may not make an XB1 version. And instead just focus on PS4/PC.

I am of the same thinking. Technically, it did no different than The Witcher III has pulled off and will probably do marginally better. Still, given The Witcher keeps getting ports, I think they should keep porting their FF series games. As someone mentioned, porting no longer costs anything. 

But I agree. If they are porting one JRPG series, they should limit themselves to Final Fantasy and keep niche ones out. 

Also, I can now confirm the thing we use RPGs for seems to be mostly character creation. I already created like 8 characters for Skyrim! Must be the reason why story driven games don't sell tons on the One. We are the multiplayer console now. Great...