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LurkerJ said:
UnderstatedCornHole said:

You know very well that translates to banning anyone on the right and leaving the liberal left to circle jerk in political heaven.

That's not honest politics.

I'm not saying it's bad from a social perspective but if you are going to do that then just get rid of it altogether.

Lol. A liberal here, I agree with the general message you are trying to convey, there will be no right way to moderate the political topics!

So just give users the option to filter them out of the home page of vgchartz and leave those who like those topics in peace

Very much agree.

Liberal persuasian relies on inference and suggestive language which by it's nature is not bannable. Right leaning people tend not to use inference as much and are more direct. I don't think changing the rules will benefit the substance of discourse at all.

It might look a bit nicer and feel more gentle but people who post in political forums are hardly political virgins to begin with and know very well what they are getting into, it would appear at least.

If an argument is that caustic and offensive to a general populous it should be pretty easy to tear down.