Scoobes said:
DonFerrari said:

Ok so bring the TOP 500 companies and how much they allow their employees to talk about the company without prior authorization from the company.

Nope, it isn't private but also isn't the right of any employee under it to run their mouth as they see fit, and if the overseeing power over that agency decides that only the official mouthpieces are allowed to talk to the public about agency related stuff then so be it.

In Brazil most public employees aren't there on social media talking about their internal affairs, most that are involve judicial system

They're not running their mouth though, they're talking about their work and presenting their data whilst also giving expert commentary to major events. It's essential for the pursuit of science and research. And as it's funded by tax payers, they have every right to know the results of the research they've funded, not some censored bullshit propaganda from high up. 

It's completely disproportionate and utterly disgraceful given the "alternative facts" the administration keep presenting. 

Expert commentary on social media... sure... that is certainly the forum for cientific discussion.

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