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bdbdbd said:

Well I'd see it the way that Switch is finally light at the end of Nintendo's tunnel. Basically I know how you feel. I became a father 12,5 years ago, and that was when Nintendo had already dropped the ball with Gamecube, a little like how it was with the Wii U. But this was just prior to NDS launch.

Anyway, if you doubt the quality of Nintendo's current games, buy yourself and your kid the NES Mini. Games are guaranteed to be good and it's going to ages for your kid to beat them.

I don't need to buy an NES classic. I have a regular NES and a pile of games still:) Not that I haven't been trying, but nowhere here has had any stock. I stood in line for 3 hours to be #14 in a line for a store that got 12. Even still the cords on the controller are 2 feet long. So I have to buy extensions for that just to sit on my couch and play the thing. See, It's the little, totally and completely unnecessary things that Nintendo does that just drives me nuts and makes me not want to give them my money.

bdbdbd said:

No, but there's no reason to assume there wasn't online play available, as there's already a functioning online on Wii U and 3DS. It is actually you who needs to provide the evidence of there not being online. So far you have been just repeating the same thing over and over that there won't be online at launch, and given "because it's Nintendo" as the only reason, without giving any evidence about why would Nintendo would not want to provide online play for launch.

My whole point is that Nintendo has been total shit at communicating even basic information. It's just so frustratingly unnecessary. It's sad that we even have to assume that basic things like online play are going to be there at launch. All they have to do is change their wording to makethings very clear. But I don't know about you, but their consistent use of vague phrases makes a sinking feeling in my stomach that there's a nugget of shit beneah the surface of the Switch launch, and Nintendo is hiding it.