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potato_hamster said:

Hey man, if you wanna keep giving Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, that's your perogative, but you can't blame me or anyone else for not willing to give Nintendo that benefit of the doubt either. I don't think you're crazy or wrong for believing that Nintendo actually has its shit together, and this launch isn't rushed, and its console is ready. I know there's a lot of people that are incredibly excited about the Switch, and they have every reason to be. But there's a lot of people that are bummed out about the launch of the Switch and and have every reason to be. Colin is one of them, and so am I.

Do you want to know why I'm so friggin annoyed at how Nintendo is dropping the ball with the Switch? Because I recently became a father. Because I want my son to have fond memories playing video games in his childhood,. As someone who cut his teeth on the NES, the console that was directly responsible for setting the foundation that gave me a career in video games, I don't think any kid of mine should grow up without games like Mario or Zelda in his life, and I want to give that to him! But Nintendo is making that so fucking hard, because this thing sucks in so many ways for me. I was really hoping that Nintendo was going to make it easier on me, but hey, it's Nintendo.

Despite all of that, as of right now I actaully plan on picking a Switch up this fall. However that is highly contingent on how Nintendo answers these questions, and how smoothly this launch goes. Breath of the Wild looks fantastic, I've always wanted to give Splatoon a shot, and I'm really looking forward to playing a battle mode in Mario Kart that I spent hours and hours of my youth playing. Sure, I will never ever ever use a single joy con as a controller, and I cringe at the idea of spending $140 on two pro controllers, or $260 on two Switch joycon/charge block controller packs so me, my brother and my son can thrash each other in games. I cringe at the thought of having to spend $90 on a second dock so I don't have to unplug everything so my son can play the switch on the TV he uses. I cringe at the idea of having to spend $40-$70 (possibly more?) per year for online play that is probably going to be incredibly lackluster compared to my PS4 and Xbox One experiences. I cringe because my son doesn't have a smart phone, and i have no plan on giving him one in the next decade, but that means he can't play his switch with his friends online. And you know what? I actually cringe at the thought that this thing is portable because shit might get dropped or lost on a road trip or whatever, and as already noted, this shit is expensive.

And these are just the things I don't like that I know of. That's a heap of shit to overcome for me.

Well I'd see it the way that Switch is finally light at the end of Nintendo's tunnel. Basically I know how you feel. I became a father 12,5 years ago, and that was when Nintendo had already dropped the ball with Gamecube, a little like how it was with the Wii U. But this was just prior to NDS launch.

Anyway, if you doubt the quality of Nintendo's current games, buy yourself and your kid the NES Mini. Games are guaranteed to be good and it's going to ages for your kid to beat them.

potato_hamster said:

No, I spent "two whole pages" arguing that we don't actually know if there will be online play at launch, not that I thought there wouldn't be. There are two totally different things. but hey, why try and actually pay attention to what I'm saying when you can insult me instead?

No, but there's no reason to assume there wasn't online play available, as there's already a functioning online on Wii U and 3DS. It is actually you who needs to provide the evidence of there not being online. So far you have been just repeating the same thing over and over that there won't be online at launch, and given "because it's Nintendo" as the only reason, without giving any evidence about why would Nintendo would not want to provide online play for launch.

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