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bdbdbd said:
potato_hamster said:

Nintendo really doesn't do anything different than its competitors, it's just that Nintendo makes these features mandatory to use, while Sony and MS make them optional.

What information should we already know about the Switch?

- It's online plans should be laid out clearly and concisely. How much does it cost? What features does it have? How does it work? Will there be a free and a paid version of the app? Is the paid app the only means of match-making and voice chat? Are those free NES games actually free download, or just games with temporary monthly access?

- Virtual Console - does it have one? What platforms are going to be supported? Will Nintendo fans have to rebuy virtual console titles for the Switch? Will WIi and Wii U digital downloads bought for those platforms be playable on the Switch?

- What kind of apps will be available on switch, if any at all? Will people be able to watch youtube videos on the Switch? Is there a built in web browser?

- Is there any trophy/acheievement system? Sorry but "no comment" isn't good enough. They should have a definitive answer, even if it's not available at launch.

That's just off the top of my head.

Sorry, there is absolutely no reason to not have the answer to all of those questions right now. The launch is less than SIX WEEKS AWAY! People need to know the answers to these questions to be able to make an informed decision.

Considering the paid online launches six months after Switch, I don't think there's not much to tell at this stage, nor there's a need to. Virtual Console is a good point, but youtube and browser are rather irrelevant, as I don't think anyone is really getting a Switch for youtube or browser - even if those are both applications I've used on Wii and Wii U and liked them.

This is 2017, and the online portion of a console is launching over six months after the console? Completely unacceptable.

Even then it still doesn't justify that these details haven't been laid clear. Nintendo has to know the answers to all of these questions already. There is absolutely no reason to be vague about this. No reason to give details at this time? Tell me, if you buy a Switch thinking that the online feature can't be more than $50 a year, and it turns out it's actually $250 a year, and that app that's required for voice chat? Ohh that costs $60 for the full version, and is only free for plain text chat. Would you feel decieved or mislead? Would you wish to know this BEFORE you bought a the Switch, perhaps? This type of shit absolutely kills interest in a product.

And again, what the hell is with many Nintendo fans acting like because they don't use a feature, that feature is totally useless and unnecessary. Great. You don't plan on using your Switch to watch netflix or youtube. Get your head out of your own little world, and consider the wants and needs of other people. As a father of a young child, my PS4 and PS3 get almost as much use playing pokemon, other cartoons, and youtube as they used for playing video games at the present. I would never buy a console without those features, as it's absolutely ridiculous for me not to have them.