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potato_hamster said:
Hynad said:

No, I said he never was a Nintendo apologist, and that he claims to have been one when he was very young. Which he basically admits in that video you posted.

He's 32 years old. He spent the first 18-20 years of his life being a die hard Nintendo fan. He actually got his start in the industry writing game walkthroughs for his favorite Nintendo games in his own free time that were so good, IGN asked if they could publish them and hired him to make more. He was actually supposed to be hired on for IGN's Nintendo division, but a better opportunity opened for him in the Playstation division so he took that instead. As the years went on, Nintendo started falling out of favor with him when Nintendo's competition started making more compelling game playing experiences than what Nintendo was offering.  However, over the years, he still picked up all of Nintendo's consoles, and played and continues to play almost all of their mainline franchises the same way he did when he was a tween. He still is a huge Nintendo fan, he just refuses to blindly support every terrible decision they make, and instead now looks at their from a more grounded, realistic perspective than he did in the past.

And here you are dismissing him for that. You're criticizing him becauase he's willing to continuatlly re-evaluate his stance on the video game industry, and which company offers a more compelling gaming experience for him as the years go on, and not just stick to Nintendo for generation after generation like you have.

Got it. I hope you don't pride yourself on being open-minded.

He's been trashing them for a while, with a very close minded outlook on them. He isn't open minded. His last video is proof enough of that. He has a very specific list of what he wants in a console, and complains about whatever strays from that list. That hardly passes as "continually re-evaluating his stance on the video game industry". His stance is specific, and because Nintendo doesn't fit with it, he made that video. That's not being open minded. He's quick to jump to every negative conclusions possible instead of giving Nintendo the benefit of the doubt until they reveal what's left to be revealed about the console.

And you really have no idea who I am if you think I "just stick to Nintendo for generation after generation". That part of your comment is quite laughable.

And yes, compared to him, I am a much more open minded person. =)