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Just a list of all the ports I want on Switch that I think are feasible. If I only get half of them - I'd be extremely happy. Nearly all of these are available on other platforms - they're just all games that would have some advantage to Switch version existing.


Super Russian Roullette

This kickstarter for a new NES light gun game works perfectly for the Switch and it's gesture sensing tech. You're basically just playing Russian Roullette with a hilarious cowboy by pointing the light gun/joy con to your head. This is the pack in game the Switch should have.

Resident Evil 4

Let's take the really good controls of the Wii version and add the HD remaster graphics. I think Capcom can hear the money printing now.


Do I even need to explain this?

Final Fantasy XV and VII:R

Inb4 - "the switch is to weak to run FFXV and FFVIIR!" I don't care about that. What I really want is the return of mainline FF games to Nintendo consoles - even if downgraded. FF on Nintendo feels right and long overdue. And if it's possible, I want to see it happen. Think of playing FFXV while on a roadtrip! And by the way Switch having proper full UE4 support, it should be possible. And If we get VII:R on Switch, it'll feel like a true homecoming for the series.

Art of Balance

I like this puzzle series. Adding some HD rumble should make it interesting

Pokken Tournament

I deliberately skipped Pokken on WiiU because I was convinced it would come to NX/Switch. I'm still convinced we will get a port of Pokken someday.


The pickup and play nature is great for the portability aspect of Switch. Also- local multiplayer for Overwatch - who wouldn't enjoy that?


If Bethesda intends to keep publishing on Switch - I'd like their second title to be Doom. I remember Doom on the SNES, N64, and GBA - and just having it on Switch plays into that 90s throwback vibe I like about Switch. Plus it'd be great for this site as we'll be able to tag "doom" on the Nintendo switch. Also - imagine the reactions you get to playing this game on a plane (people would leave you alone, that's nice on a plane lol).

Shantae Collection

I've only played Pirate's Curse, but I've seen enough of the series that I want to play it all!  on big screens and small ones too.

No More Heroes 1&2 remaster

I didn't even know No More Heroes existed until I started reading gaming forums. With the announcement of the sequel, I'd like to catch up on the series.

Red Steel 2 remaster

I knew Red Steel 1 was bad. But I didn't know Red Steel 2 was actually good. And that it looked really good for being a Wii game. Seems like a remaster to add HD rumble and up the resolution would be worth it. I mean look - this was a Wii game!

House of Dead / Time Crisis / Sin and Punishment

True rail shooters are underrated. Let's get more of them. They're easy to learn and share, make for a great afternoon of fun, and are satisfying to master.

Assassin's Creed

I'm one of those weird people who really enjoyed AC when it was on WiiU. ACIV in particular was so good that I didn't even care I was playing the technically worst version of it. It was just so damn beautiful on WiiU gamepad too - I'd like to see it on Switch tablet now. I like having the off-TV play for the game.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016