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RolStoppable said:

I have a long history of saying that Nintendo shouldn't suck up to third parties because they don't need them; if third parties make unrealistic demands, then Nintendo is better off without them. I also have a history of saying that Nintendo's ninth generation home console does not need to be much more powerful than the Wii U.

And no, you couldn't argue the points that I've made, because you are already displaying struggles with the basics. You judge how many Nintendo fans remain by pointing towards Wii U sales, completely ignoring the 3DS. And you imply that the claim that the Wii sold because of Nintendo games is outrageous; may god help us all.

Ok... lets try this.....

I judge how many nintendo fans remain by referencing the wiiU. Yes thats tru, and I won't fault you for jumping at that cause i didnt take the time to elaborate. As far as nintendo goes, you have their home console and their handheld console divisions. Lets start with handhelds.

Its easy looking at the 3DS and say but it sold 60M. But to do that and not mention that in sold only half as much as the DS would be to not see the full picture. The 2ds competed with eth PSP and still hadily won. The 3DS competed with the vita and also won. but the full picture is that there was in increasing presence in mobile gaming on smartphones that had taken up most of that handheld market and still does till this day. Proof is in the sales difference between the DS and the 3DS. And nintendo had always been dominant in the handheld space. If nintendo made a dedicated handheld gaming console today, no matter how good it is.... it will sell less than the 3DS, and we have smartphones to thank for that.

Now consoles, its easy looking at nintendo home consoles and say but look at the wii...... again, to do that will be to not look at the full picture. The wii didn't sell 100M because it was a software behemoth. It sold the way it did because of motion gaming and the rapid artificial growth nintendo achieved with it.  The nintendo faithful were no doubt part of that 100M, but the majority of that number were the casuals. No matter how bad things get, if this weren't true; there is no reason you go from having 100M proper or at least half supporters to having only 13M consoles sold in over 4 years.There has never been such a drop in user base from generation to generation from a particlular platform holder in the history of video games. 

So that tells us that the 13M we saw on the wiiU (and don't forget a lot of those people probably also bought a 3DS, represent whats left of the nintendo faithful. Of which would probably comprise aboutr 70% of that 13M.  This isn't e just talking shit, look at the N64, GC and WiiU.... 32M, 21M , 13M respectively.... what does that tell you?

This is why I believe that the NS will sell around 35M-40M lifetime. The handheld market will shrink again the same way its been shrinking due to smartphones. But they will sell more than they would have sold a typical home console because now their "home console" is also a handheld. They won't however be able to have one person buying a handheld and then a home console cause now its one device. 

Volterra_90 said:

So, why did the Wii sell so well then?

I bolded it for you in my response above.

edited: changed typo 2DS to DS.