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Angelv577 said:
jason1637 said:

Destiny,CoD, Watch Dogs were all big bundles that were easy to aquire while the FFXV bundle had a very limited run. Lets not also forget that those games appeal to a larger audience in the US than FF and they had MP which FFXV does not.

You can also argue that those looking for a ff15 game aren't your typical destiny, call of duty gamers.  Those who doesn't have a current gen console that are looking for a jrpg are more likely to get a ps4 because jrpg is more associated with playstation than xbox, hence why even when xb360 had a bigger install base, the ps3 version still sold way better in US.  If the allocation is gonna be bigger now compare to last gen  console, you can't assume those 80% are existing ps4 owners. some of them gonna be new customers.  In other words, those looking to upgrade that are also looking for a ff15 type of games are more inclined to get a ps4 especially when ff7 remake will be playable first on ps4.  Now december is too big to be decided by one game.  Any other low month like march would make a bigger difference than december.

Yeah you have a good point i forgot FF7R is a timed exclusive.